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posted 21 Oct 2014, 06:19 by Tom Cooper
XinoRF fitted to case with weathershield - note the whip antenna
The basic weather station setup is working. I have the Arduino (XinoRF) sending data  back to the Raspberry Pi (Slice of radio) where a Python script is logging the data to an SQLite database. The original plan was to use MySql but I couldn't get this working with Python 3 - I'm not sure if it is even supported yet. I'll post some samples of the code later when I have tidied it up.

Making the cutout
Making the weather screen
I haven't actually taken it outside yet as I haven't quite got the solar power working yet. I tried to save cash with a really cheap solar cell, but it can' keep the voltage over the 6v under load that the SparkFun Solar Budy I'd acquired needs to start charging the LiPo battery. 

Sensor shield
Meanwhile I've started working on the weather station shield to keep the sun of the sensors yet still allow the air to circulate freely. I'm using plastic plant-pot saucers to build this - more on that later too. Meanwhile here are some progress pics.