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Linux LFS101 - brush up your Pi knowledge

posted 22 Jul 2015, 02:12 by Tom Cooper
If, like me, you've developed your knowledge of Linux in a rather piecemeal and ad hoc way, a brush-up on your skills might be a good idea. At the very least there might be gaps in your knowledge and, furthermore, some tasks that you are labouring over might actually be easier than you think. 

I've just completed the Linux Foundation's LFS101x.2: Introduction to Linux course. It's on-line, free and very flexible. The tuition takes you form the basics of Linux  bootloading, kernels, distributions filesystems, shells, editors – right up to common applications and GUIs. There was a lot of stuff in there that I'd got away without knowing so far, but I'm glad I've learnt it. 

Fedora, Debian and Red Hat and Suse flavours are considered, so there is plenty specific to the Pi's Debian-type system and the other stuff is good background.  

My top tip is to learn how to use the vi editor. You can used from the command line in a non-GUI environment – a bonus when you a re ssh'ing around for example – and it is just so quick to use when you are dealing with things like config files, or even code.

There's an 'honor code' exam at the end. And you can pay to have an 'id-verified' exam too. Here's my certificate on the left.

I spent around 20 hours on the 18-unit course. It's worth not skimping on the 'Labs' at the end of each section. Here you can try out your knowledge. It helps if you have a Linux system where you have root access  either a Pi or something running under VMWare  works a treat. I even had a go at CentOS (Red Hat) using VWWare on Windows.