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Arduino Pi weather station prototype up and running

posted 31 Oct 2014, 08:20 by Tom Cooper
Time to post a few more photos of the fledgling Pi/Arduino weather station. First a progress report. The weather (Arduino) end of the station has been running all week in the garden without fault. The solar charging issue seems to have been solved by a big charge for the LiPo battery then a larger solar cell This one from Proto-Pic (there it is in the foreground on the right). 

In hindsight I had an old cell in a battery trickle charger (for the car) that never really worked but could have done the trick here.

At the Pi end the acquisition of a TriBorg gave me two extra GPIO headers and finally let me run the datalink (via a Ciseco Slice of Radio) and the display (Embedded Artists 2.7" ePaper) together (see it in action on the left). I've already mentioned one compatibility issue (the use of the transmit-receive pins by the EA display) but when I plugged everything together the display just went blank. A bit of trial and error with a breakout board revealed that disconnecting GPIO pins 8 and 10 (TX and RX) from the display smoothed the way. So I just clipped these pins off one of the TriBorg headers.

The Python code still needs a bit of work in terms of error trapping and logging. Plus I am adding some more virtual screens to be scrolled through via button presses (using that third free TriBorg header!). 

I've also ordered the final bits of hardware: a case for the display end, a power supply and a few cables. More on that later, but now I'll add those pics.