Midsummer's day

Submitted by tom on Wed, 06/22/2016 - 14:55
Hive two is progressing well
Hive two is making good progress under Charlotte's supervision

Well the bees are in their new home in Grindleford. The two newer hives (with nucs from www.honeybeesuppliers.co.uk in Oxfordshire) are kicking on well. These are hives two and three.

Hive one, our overwintered hive, is struggling. The bees have barely moved out of the first super. And the population is largely sticking to a few frames in the brood box. The next plan is to replace a few of the unused frames in the brood box.

The mystery of the 'white spotted' queen remains. This hive was started in 2015 and white is the colour for 2016 and 2011 - so we are still struggling to understand that.

Anyway with a bit of fine weather we hope hive one will kick on. 

Hive three is well into the first super with masses of brood. It will soon be time for the second super and queen excluder to go on. Hive two is a small way behind. But given these two hives were only started on May 28, 2016 the progress has been excellent.